Camille Vasquez

Maid of Honor

From the time they were little girls, Camille was always looking out for her “Nani,” and Shari was always trying to follow in her big sister’s footsteps. She is honored to have Camille by her side during the most special moment of her life.


Meghan Directo


Meghan is Shari’s soon-to-be sister-in-law. They have enjoyed every opportunity to get to know each other better and grow closer. They not only share their love for family, but also for good wine and Trojan football.


Megan Wilson


Megan and Shari have been friends since high school. From their teenage years wearing plaid skirts to buttoning up each other’s wedding gowns, they remain by one another’s side through life’s happiest moments.


Christina Kassabian


Christina and Shari have been friends since college. They have shared many wonderful memories since their years at USC as roommates, and have witnessed each other’s relationships to their college sweethearts evolve into engagements.



Flower Girl

Shari’s sweet little cousin from Florida. Although they don’t get the chance to see each other very often, Shari cherishes the moments they spend together.





Matt McCabe

Best Man

Friends since junior high school, Matt and Mike actually played on the same AYSO soccer team together at the age of 8. After plenty of high school & college shenanigans including great memories playing Hart football, Mike couldn’t ask for a better friend to have by his side.


Ryan Umali


Ryan and Mike have been friends since moving into the same freshmen dorm at USC. Since graduating, they still share a deep appreciation for Trojan football, wine tasting in the Santa Ynez valley, weekend getaways across the country, and the occasional trek back to Little Tokyo.


Chase Rief


Chase and Mike became friends after joining Lambda Chi fraternity together at USC. From “Weekenders” up in San Francisco, to “Invites” down in Mexico, to simply barbecuing on the porch of the frat house, they’ve shared many great memories, and continue to enjoy alumni events & weekends up at Lake Arrowhead.


J.R. Arinaga


Mike initially became friends with J.R. through Shari. But their love of the Trojans, Dodgers & Lakers, combined with becoming roommates after college, led them to become even closer friends, who share a fascination with nuclear astrophysics and still manage to cause their fair share of trouble at the craps tables in Las Vegas.


Julian Lewis


Julian and Mike initially became friends through attending the same religion class at their local church, and grew closer leading their high school ASB government and playing Hart football together. Many unforgettable memories were shared when Julian, Matt & Mike lived together in Santa Monica following college.


Gabriel Alvarez


Gabriel and Mike became friends living in the same freshmen dorm and competing together on the intramural football team. They also share a passion for Trojan athletics, and throughout their many weekend trips with Ryan to Santa Ynez, Las Vegas, Chicago & New York, Mike has valued Gabriel’s continued role as the voice of reason.



Ring Bearer

Mike’s handsome little cousin, whom he has enjoyed watching grow up in nearby Long Beach. His parents, Kim & Ruben, are both doctors, whom Shari & Mike look up to and have counted on for advice over the years.