Shari and Michael first met at USC while working as interns in the admission & advising office in the fall of 2005. While Michael couldn’t help but notice the beautiful girl working at the front desk, it took him a few days to work up the courage to go up and talk to her. After getting her phone number, Michael didn’t waste any time sending Shari a message. To his dismay, she mistook him for another “Mike” that she knew… So Michael decided a more determined effort would be necessary to get her attention and asked his fraternity brother Chase’s long-time girlfriend Kelly, who was in the same sorority as Shari, how he could make a more noteworthy impression. She quickly explained how Shari received LOTS of “deliveries” (i.e. flowers and other small gifts at her Monday night sorority dinners) from others vying for her attention. Shortly thereafter, Michael visited the L.A. Flower District downtown to find the most breathtaking floral arrangement possible. Luckily, it had its intended effect and Shari agreed to go out to dinner with Mike later that week. The rest is history…


One of the first weekend trips Shari and Michael took together was up to Santa Barbara for his cousin’s wedding. They both loved the scenic beauty of the California coastline and enjoyed the good food & wine. Michael was already well-accustomed to the region after taking several wine-tasting trips to the Santa Ynez Valley with his college friends, and Shari also grew enchanted with Santa Barbara. After several more weekend getaways and a few medical school rotations spent at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital, Shari and Michael were convinced and couldn’t imagine a more charming and picturesque location to celebrate their special occasion at!