“I hope you had a wonderful and special Thanksgiving with your families! As you know, it was just Mike & I yesterday – probably the only Thanksgiving we’ll spend away from our families, but that’s okay because it was very memorable!!! I’m so beyond thrilled to tell you that Mike asked me to marry him last night!!!! I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!! I’m still in awe and can’t stop looking at my hand/gorgeous ring :)

Mike planned a very special day for me yesterday. He surprised me with six notes and gifts of what he was most thankful for (we were also celebrating the 6-year anniversary of when we first started dating). The first three he gave me at my apt: #6 was that he was ‘thankful we share a love of food & wine’ and it was picture of Sixteen, the restaurant at the Trump Hotel we were going to have dinner at. #5 was that he was ‘thankful for the day I was born,’ and it was my birthday present, a pretty scarf I wanted. #4 was for ‘the day we met’ and it was a Daily Trojan, a USC newspaper dated on our anniversary.

Then he whisked me away to the Trump and surprised me with a beautiful suite that had my favorite view of the city. Then after cocktails downstairs in the lounge, we went back to the room and he presented me with three more presents…#3 was being ‘thankful for our families’ and it was a cute picture of our parents blowing us kisses. #2 was that he was ‘thankful we both love bulldogs’ and it was a “Bulldog for Dummies” book. THEN, a note with the number ‘73’ on it (we’ve been together 73 months). As I opened it, there was “?” in it, and before I knew it, he was down on one knee!”

- Shari’s email to her friends following Michael’s proposal and saying “YES!”

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